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Dear Researchers and Innovators,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first UHN Research and Innovation Cores Newsletter. Despite the added strain from the shut down and restart due to COVID-19, our regular work has not stopped, and in addition to providing the services to our colleagues, we have initiated an operational transformation to increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

This newsletter is one part of a broader effort to harmonize the awareness and communication efforts of the many research and innovation cores at UHN. The cores want to ensure maximum utilization of their equipment and services. To ensure this, cores’ managers are working closely together to improve the awareness of the services they provide to the UHN research community.

We hope that the positive effects of these efforts will be soon felt by users and cores’ personnel.

We will use this newsletter to highlight new and exciting projects and initiatives, upgrades to equipment and infrastructure, and to introduce you to the members of our 300+ strong team.

Luke Brzozowski

photo of Luk Brzozowski
Executive Lead,
UHN Research & Innovation Cores

New Website

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Scheduling Software: Stratocore

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UHN Research has invested in a new web-based enterprise software solution that simplifies the management and the scheduling of the equipment and services available at the cores.

The software, known as Stratocore, has been deployed at over 200 research organizations around the world and helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of cores. The software enables users to book shared instruments and order services or consumables. It also allows for smart billing that uses real equipment use time for invoicing. The software will also support reporting on operational and financial performance of the cores and their component services and instruments.

Stratocore is being implemented at the following cores:

  • Princess Margaret and Krembil Flow Cytometry Facilities
  • Princess Margaret Genomics Centre
  • The Bioinformatics & High Performance Computing Facility
  • STTARR Innovation Centre for Advanced Preclinical Imaging and Radiation Research
  • The Advance Optical Microscopy Facilities (AOMF)

Each core will directly inform users of their Stratocore go-live date.

Cores Operational Review

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