UHN Research & Innovation Cores Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Fall 2021 issue of the UHN Research & Innovation Cores Newsletter!

This edition takes a comprehensive look at the UHN Molecular Imaging Pipeline. We describe the three-phased molecular imaging pipeline and the role that UHN Research and Innovation Cores play in supporting this process, which strengthens Toronto’s position as a hub for innovation in molecular imaging and theranostics.

This issue also features the UHN Healthcare Human Factors Team and the improvements that they are making in the healthcare environment for clinicians, technicians, patients and other stakeholders.

Finally, we look at The Centre for Cell and Vector Production (CCVP). We highlight the role the facility played in enabling the UHN Islet Cell Transplantation Program to improve patient care for patients suffering from pancreatitis.

Thanks for reading!

Luke Brzozowski

photo of Luk Brzozowski
Executive Lead,
UHN Research & Innovation Cores
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